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DWD Archive Episode 17 ABCC Series 1 Rev. Dr. Monica Sanford

John talks Buddhist practical theology with Reverend Dr. Monica Sanford. Monica shares her experience as a university chaplain, her research on how Buddhist chaplains do “theological reflection,” and what she envisions the Association of Buddhist Care and Counseling could look like.  

Monica and John both did their M.Div. at University of the West in LA. Monica earned her PhD in Practical Theology at The Claremont School of Theology. John is a PhD candidate in that program. Rev. Dr. Monica is the Assistant Director of Spiritual and Religious Life at the Rochester Institute of Technology. In addition to her chaplaincy work she is working on a textbook for Buddhist care and counseling and is a co-researcher on a Buddhist Ministry Working Group project to map out who are active Buddhist chaplains. 

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Episode 16: Death and Rebirth, the Plutonic Signs of the Generations

The DWD crew waxes astrological about the different generations by discussing their Pluto signs. Pluto takes 15 years to go through a sign. A lot of the boomers are Pluto in Leo so that is why they were good at music, protesting against the war and, for some, supporting the civil rights movement. But they didn’t fundamentally change capitalism. Pluto in Virgo is Obamacare. Pluto in Libra is Generation X who have done… ? Pluto in Scorpio is AOC and the Democratic Socialists of America. Pluto in Sagittarius is Greta Thunberg and the Sunrise Movement calling for a fundamental transformation in our worldview. We must shed exclusivist and extractivist religions (including scientific materialism and the fairy tale of unlimited economic growth), reconnect to the Earth, and give rise to an Earth Dharma that supports the healing of trauma and the pursuit of nirvana.   

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DWD Archive Episode 15: Rebirth

We welcome our new cohost Carah Ronan from Fort Worth Texas. Carah is a yoga teacher, meditation teacher, doula, stepmom, and farmer. We talk about the collective rebirth we are all going through.

Resources discussed during the episode.

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-7233

Disaster Distress Helpline  1-800-985-5990

Ammachi https://youtu.be/Yf-vDc_E04o

brotherearthhealing 🌿Welcome🌿 Former Buddhist Monk based in Monterey, CA 🌼Offerings🌼 •Healing & Tarot •Retreats, Meditation, Qi Gong 🐾Let’s Collaborate!🐾 https://www.instagram.com/brotherearthhealing/

Dharma Awakening with John Freese and Carah Ronan Daily sitting meditation (or laying down) for 30 minutes followed by q & a 11:00am Pacific Time

Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 424 519 925

Password: 009594

Isha Tsang Counseling, Yoga, intuitive healing https://www.instagram.com/laneysang/

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DWD Archive Episode 14: Don’t Believe Mr Rogers About Death

Nick and John are joined by independent researcher and Vajrayana practitioner David Lewis to challenge the dogmatic truth claim of scientific materialism that consciousness can be reduced to matter. Topics include Madyamika philosophy and practice, neuroscience research, and historical differences between Eastern and Western worldviews.

Link to article by B. Alan Wallace entitled “A Response to Cognitive Imperialism.”


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DWD Archive Episode 13: Protestant Theology Infrastructure that Buddhists Could Draw From to Expand the Buddhist Job Market

John talks about the history of practical theology and Protestant theological infrastructure as a model that Buddhists could draw from to expand Buddhist theological education and training beyond chaplaincy into Buddhist care and counseling.

Link to paper John refers to in his talk.


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DWD Archive Episode 12: The Tower

Isha, Nick, and John talk about spending time together at Deer Park, being with Thich Nhat Hanh, the legacy of 9/11, and the collective birth pains of the new paradigm trying to emerge.

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DWD Archive Episode 11: A Buddhist Approach to Healing the Historical Trauma of Racism

John gives a boiled down talk on the dependent origination of whiteness.
Topics include The Four Noble Truths, Dependent Origination, Goenka Vipassana, Somatic Experiencing, Liberation Psychology, and Critical Race Theory

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DWD Archive Episode 10: Pussy Power

Nick and John are joined by new DWD co-host Isha Tsang. They talk about what a sex-positive, body-positive, nirvana-positive, celibacy-positive, Guru-positive Buddhism could look like.

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DWD Archive: Buddhist ACT

John gives a Dharma Talk presenting a Buddhist version of Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

Click to access buddhist-act.pdf


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